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    is an Investments and Projects Management Company

Our Core Values
Global Conduct
As a global corporation, we exert our utmost effort to appreciate, acknowledge and respect the diverse cultures, mindsets, laws and regulations of people in the different countries where our various business activities take place.
Societal Contribution
We strive to use the invaluable resources including human resources, material, funds and information to create value-added products and services for all.
Relentless Effort towards Life-enhancement
Wherever our business activities are, virtually speaking or in real life, we are driven by the relentless urge of enhancing the lives of every stakeholder.
Who We Are
Poseidon’s founders and Board of Directors are a reputable group of professionals with highly diversified business backgrounds on both the domestic and international levels. Their experience and strategic leadership have added to their life-long, ambitious journey of contributing to people’s lives.
Our Mission
Simply put, our mission is to globally enhance, upgrade and improve lives across different business fields wherever our activities exist and while using every valuable resource at hand.
parts of our projects
Aiming at ultimately reviving the business sector